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  • I/we would like to assign our lease to a new tenant. I/we agree that there is a $75 fee to assign the lease, which does not release me from my obligations under the terms of my lease agreement and guidelines. I understand that this fee is payable together with this form. Please send e transfer to and use the password: sublet

    I/we acknowledge that I/we are responsible for finding a suitable tenant to lease the unit. Obligations include: advertising, showing your unit, and providing information to potential tenants. All applications are subject to approval by Chanden Homes and must meet our requirements before re-assignment of the lease takes place. At the tenants request, Chanden Homes will assist with advertising and leasing services to find a suitable replacement.

    I/we understand that although Chanden Homes will assist me in the renting of my suite, I/we remain responsible for all obligations under the lease. This includes payment of rent and utilities until your unit is rented by a tenant/tenants that have been approved by Chanden Homes .

    I/we understand that once I give my notice, I need to have my unit clean and ready for showings at any time. Having the unit presentable at all times will assist us and yourself in renting the unit as quickly as possible.

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